User Flow

Step 1) Users deposit funds into the Fusion smart contract. The Fusion contracts maintain a user mapping for each strategy (for example Stader-Kelp, Lido-Kelp).

Funds in the Fusion contract can be withdrawn anytime until they are (re)staked.

Step 2) At regular intervals, a relayer triggers a relay transaction on the Fusion contract for each strategy.

Step 3) Within this transaction, all the ETH stored in the contract for that strategy (except for the ETH deducted to cover the transaction fee) will be (re)staked. For example, if a user has deposited funds into the Stader-Kelp strategy, then the users ETH will be liquid staked into Stader for ETHx, which will further be staked into Kelp for rsETH.

Step 4) The fee is deducted based on the number of users involved in the transaction and is sent to the executor for this transaction.

Step 5) The contract distributes rsETH to each user based on their proportionate share of deposited ETH.

Only the contract admin can set the gas limit used for calculation of fees. The admin will have no other privileges.

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