EigenLayer Components

At its core, EigenLayer leverages the following components:

  • Actively Validated Services (AVSs): These custom-built applications leverage the security of the EigenLayer validator/operator set, performing their own consensus tasks alongside securing the mainnet.

  • Shared Operators: These are individuals or entities running validator nodes within EigenLayer's AVSs. They contribute their validator power to secure multiple applications, earning rewards while boosting network resilience.

Imagine dYdX, a popular DeFi platform, wanted to boost its security with EigenLayer. Here's how it might work:

  • dYdX as AVS: dYdX would create its own AVS, a dedicated security layer powered by shared validators. This means anyone staking ETH on EigenLayer could contribute to dYdX's security, earning rewards in the process.

  • EigenLayer Operators as Validators: Operator nodes on EigenLayer could choose to participate in dYdX's AVS, acting as validators. They'd earn rewards for validating dYdX's transactions and securing its platform while also contributing to other AVSs on EigenLayer.

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