StakeEase Referral System

Spread the word about StakeEase, the ultimate gateway to seamless, cross-chain restaking, and earn fantastic rewards while you're at it! Our referral program lets you share the restaking love and unlock bonus points for every friend you bring on board.

Here's how it works

  • Share your unique referral link: Simply invite your friends using your personalized link, which is readily available on your StakeEase dashboard.

  • They sign up and stake: Once your friend creates an account (connects their wallet), you get 1 SEP. For each transaction they perform on StakeEase, you get 20 SEP.

  • Rewards galore: You'll receive bonus SEP on achieving specific milestones, based on the following structure:

Number of Transactions by FriendsYou Get

5 transactions


20 transactions


50 transactions


100 transactions


250 transactions


1000 transactions


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