At StakeEase, your asset safety is our top priority. We built our platform with an unwavering commitment to transparency and robust security measures, ensuring your funds stay secure every step of the way:

Zero Custody

Except for the Fusion contracts, all our adapters are non-custodial, meaning they never hold your funds, eliminating the risk of any sort of asset tampering. Your assets remain under your complete control, empowering you with full ownership and accountability.

Transparent Execution

All of our smart contracts are open-source and publicly verifiable on Etherscan. This transparency allows anyone to scrutinize our code and verify its functionality, fostering trust and ensuring responsible development practices.

Rigorous Audits

We understand the importance of independent assessment. That's why we have already completed a security audit by a highly reputed blockchain security firm, 0xCommit. This audit will further validate our platform's security posture and provide an additional layer of assurance for our users.

Transactional Guarantees

Our smart contracts are engineered to handle potential transaction failures. If a transaction reverts, your funds remain in your wallet, eliminating the risk of accidental loss. This ensures peace of mind even in the unlikely event of unexpected issues.

By prioritizing non-custodial interactions, open-source code, and rigorous audits, StakeEase strives to deliver a secure and transparent restaking experience.

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