Native Restaking

StakeEase supports native restaking into restaking platforms from L2s and alt L1s.

  • Simplified Workflow: Ditch the multi-step processes. Restake your tokens into restaking platforms via StakeEase and receive LRTs directly in your L2 wallet.

  • Lightning Speed: Time is precious. Go from 4 steps (swapping to ETH, bridging ETH to Ethereum, restaking into restaking platform, bridging LRT back) to 1 step (“Stake” on StakeEase) and reduce your restaking time from 20 minutes to under 5 minutes! That’s a whopping 75% reduction!

  • Bonus Rewards: Fuel your DeFi journey with exclusive StakeEase Points (SEP) on top of LRT incentives. Get rewarded simply for staking through StakeEase!

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