Why StakeEase?

  • Simplified Experience: StakeEase streamlines the user experience by reducing the number of steps, wallet interactions, and clicks involved in ETH restaking. The platform aggregates various liquid staking protocols, including Stader, Rocketpool, and Lido, as well as restaking protocols like Kelp, ClayStack, BedRock, GenesisLRT, InceptionLRT, and Ether.fi.

  • Highest Yield: Discover the most optimal ETH (re)staking strategy. As an aggregator, StakeEase has a dedicated path discovery algorithm to help users discover the staking/restaking path to earn the highest yield.

  • Gas Savings: Given the high ETH price and increased congestion, each staking transaction on the Ethereum network incurs significant gas fees. Staking in a single transaction via StakeEase allows users to save around 20% on gas fees in Instant mode and up to 75% gas in Fusion mode.

  • Additional Rewards: In addition to EigenLayer points, restaking protocol rewards, and liquid staking rewards, users will receive StakeEase points (SEP).

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