1. Fragmentation

The current market boasts numerous staking and restaking protocols, each with unique features, fee structures, and APYs. Unfortunately, no single platform effectively aggregates this information, making user selection a daunting task. StakeEase aims to fill this gap, providing a user-friendly overview of the entire restaking landscape.

2. User Experience

While restaking protocols have simplified ETH staking, the process often involves multiple steps across different platforms: first acquiring a liquid staking token, then approving it, and finally staking it in the chosen restaking protocol. This cumbersome, gas-intensive journey can deter potential users. StakeEase proposes a streamlined solution, enabling users to complete the entire process in a single click with up to 75% less gas fees.

3. Untapped Potential

A significant portion of potential participants remains untapped. Many users hold wrapped ETH on other chains or possess idle liquidity within their wallets, but complex restaking procedures discourage them from engaging. StakeEase envisions a cross-chain solution that facilitates seamless (re)staking in a single, efficient step, opening up the restaking world to a broader audience.

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