Fee Structure

At StakeEase, we're committed to providing a transparent and cost-effective restaking experience. Here's a breakdown of our fee structure:

Protocol Fee

BPS-based Fee for Instant Mode

We will charge a nominal BPS-based fee for each staking transaction. This fee is dynamically adjusted based on the complexity of the restaking process:

  • Simpler Transactions: Transactions involving ETH or Liquid Staking Tokens on Ethereum will incur a lower fee.

  • More Complex Transactions: Transactions involving tokens from other chains or requiring multiple swaps will have a slightly higher fee to cover the added operational costs.

Introductory Promotion: To incentivize early adoption and allow users to experience the full benefits of StakeEase, we're offering a 0 BPS fee for the first few days of our launch. This means you can seamlessly explore restaking without any additional cost.

Flat Fee for Fusion Mode

We charge a flat fee equivalent to 10,000 gas units for Fusion mode transactions. The Dollar value of 10,000 gas units at any given time will depend on the Ethereum network congestion and ETH price, but it will lie in the $0.3-$0.7 range. The fee charged for the Fusion mode is magnitudes smaller than the ETH gas savings it provides.

Gas Savings Guarantee

Regardless of the complexity of the transaction, we guarantee the StakeEase fee will always be significantly lower than the amount of gas you would typically spend on multiple transactions across different platforms. By aggregating and optimizing these steps, we save you both time and money.

Transparency and Fairness

We'll always provide clear and upfront information about our fee structure so you can make informed decisions about your restaking journey. Our fees are designed to ensure the long-term sustainability of our platform while offering exceptional value to our users. We believe that transparent and reasonable fees are essential to building a trusted and lasting relationship with our community. By prioritizing value and efficiency, we aim to make StakeEase the most cost-effective way to unlock the full potential of EigenLayer restaking.

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