What is liquid staking?

Liquid staking lets you earn staking rewards on your asset without locking it up for long periods. You receive a liquid token representing your staked asset, which you can freely trade or use in DeFi applications while your original funds continue to generate rewards. Example: Lido, Swell for ETH liquid staking; Benqi for AVAX liquid staking.

What is EigenLayer restaking?

EigenLayer is a restaking layer built on Ethereum that lets other applications use the security of Ethereum. EigenLayer restaking takes liquid staking a step further, allowing you to earn even more rewards by staking your liquid token on EigenLayer and then delegating them to specialized protocols.

What are restaking protocols?

Restaking protocols are platforms that simplify EigenLayer staking. They handle the complex process of selecting and interacting with AVSs (Active Validated Services) on your behalf, eliminating the need for technical expertise. They also often offer features like automatic rebalancing and slashing protection.

What is StakeEase?

StakeEase is a cross-chain restaking aggregator powered by Router Protocol's CCIF. StakeEase streamlines the whole (re)staking journey for the user into a single, seamless experience. You can bring any token of your choice on any chain, choose your preferred platforms, and let us handle the rest, from bridging to swapping to staking and delivering your rewards.

Why should someone use StakeEase?
  • Effortless Staking: Forget about complex multi-step processes. StakeEase makes EigenLayer restaking as easy as clicking a button.

  • Cross-chain Convenience: Bring any token, from any chain, and we'll seamlessly convert it to ETH and (re)stake it for you.

  • Maximum Choice: Choose the liquid staking platform and EigenLayer protocol that best suits your risk tolerance and desired returns. Or leave it up to us. Your choice.

  • Time-Saving Efficiency: No more navigating different platforms or researching complex details. We handle everything behind the scenes.

Whether you're a seasoned DeFi veteran or just starting out, StakeEase makes EigenLayer restaking accessible and rewarding for everyone.

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