Fusion Mode

What is the Fusion mode?

StakeEase's Fusion mode is a revolutionary mechanism that optimizes restaking costs by batching deposits from multiple users over a short time period. Once executed, the cost of the restaking transaction is split across all the restakers in that batch, bringing down the gas costs by up to 75%.

Benefits of the Fusion mode?

By lowering the cost of restaking by 50%-75%, the Fusion mode ensures that ETH gas fees don't dilute the restaking rewards, especially for smaller wallets.

Is the Fusion mode available cross-chain?

Yes, you can use the Fusion mode from all the chains supported by StakeEase.

How much time does the Fusion mode take?

The trigger for the Fusion mode is currently configured to run when a batch reaches 10 participants or if 2 hours have elapsed since the start of the batch.

Can I withdraw funds before a batch is executed?

Yes. If, for some reason, you don't want to proceed with your restaking transaction, you can withdraw funds anytime before the batch is executed.

Do I still get SEP if I use the Fusion mode?

Yes. Fusion mode transactions are treated the same way as the Instant mode transactions.

Is it safe to use the Fusion mode?

We have taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the security of user funds in the Fusion mode. The Fusion mode contracts have been audited. You can find the audit report for the Fusion mode here. Additionally, we have also made our contracts completely open source. You can find the link to verified Etherscan deployments for the Fusion contracts here.

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